August 28th-30th 2015


This Sacred weekend will include…

*Goddess Welcome Dinner  at the Deer Lodge

*Two Night Stay at Hummingbird Inn

*Farewell Goddess Brunch at Ojai Cafe Emporium

*Sensual Burlesque Dance to channel your Inner Aphrodite!

*Powerful Diva Dancing to bring out the Warrior Spirit of Goddess Athena in You!



*Greek Dancing Goddess Circle

*Nature Hikes

*Dream board Workshop

*Art Therapy and More Surprises!

  Beyonce meets Ancient Greece in GREEK GODDESS DANCE! Katerina will lead you through Sensual Burlesque moves and high-energy Hiphop for an uplifting dance experience designed to bring out the Goddess in You!

Greek Goddess Dance with Katerina Gagkas

Greek Goddess Dance by Katerina Gagkas

Dream Board Workshop with Ashley Iocco

Dream Board Workshop with Ashley Iocco

Ashley Iocco is an artist, designer and entrepreneur. She has mastered the art of making dream boards and has seen the amazing results first hand. She is excited to teach you how to make your own perfect dream board! Dream boards are a collection of pictures that reflect your desires. If you believe in your dream board, your dreams will become a reality. This works because you are giving the universe a clear vision of what you want.  Our subconscious brain is very powerful and reads in pictures. By using emotions and images, your brain will work with you to manifest your dream life. If you believe, you can achieve it!


Art Therapy with Thea Evburg

Thea EvBurg is an artist that developed her own Art Therapy inspired by the chakra colors, vibrations, healing energy and meditation. Her therapy helps you express any issue through art and work with your own subconscious to help the natural processes of the human brain and cells to fight mental or physical ailments. The art therapy helps activate and exercise both sides of the brain in order to improve self esteem. Creating beautiful paintings out of the most complicated problems, you become empowered by seeing the issue in a new light. Thea shows you the tools to develop your own process of self healing and meditation. Finally, Thea will teach you how to use the law of attraction and painting to help you create a clear picture of your wishes and desires, attracting them faster.

Yoga Goddess, Melissa Murguia

Yoga Goddess, Melissa Murguia

Melissa Murguia came to her yoga practice 11 years ago, accidentally, as one might do at first. She was surprised how fluid and meditational linking breath to movement could be. With focus on breath, alignment, and chakra opening, yoga helped heal Melissa’s physical limitations. She was instantly hooked and is now a certified Yoga Instructor for the past 4 years. Yoga was and still is a light on Melissa’s spiritual path. Her love of self-inquiry and discovery through breath and movement are what keep her coming back to her mat. Yoga has profoundly changed her life, and she hopes to share this gift with her students as they go along their own unique journey.

Hummingbird RoomhummindbirdFront

The cottage-like Hummingbird Inn nestled between the mountains Ojai will be our Goddess Sanctuary. This will be an intimate girl’s retreat so get ready to get cozy with your fellow goddesses sharing rooms, beds, stories and giggles on this weekend-long slumber party!

banner-hummingbird The Retreat will kick off with a FULL MOON MEDITATION in Virgo at MEDITATION MOUNT to set the tone for the Weekend!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 3.50.13 PM Visit PayPal Now to reserve your spot.  LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE!