Inspired by her Greek heritage, Katerina created Greek Goddess Dance classes in Hollywood. The classes launched on February 16th 2014, and are designed,  not only to give you an uplifting mind-body workout, but to empower you to feel sexybeautiful and connect with your inner Goddess.

These follow-along dance workshops combine meditationGreek Mythology and the hottest dance moves around. Expect to learn high energy Hip-Hop, and Latin grooves combined with the sensuality of Burlesque and Greek dancing to bring out the Goddess in YOU!

“Think Beyonce meets Ancient Greece!” as Katerina likes to describe it. Each class is themed after an Ancient GREEK GODDESS.


Katerina’s hopes and dreams for this class is not only to help you reach your fitness goals and fulfill your desire to dance, but to help you connect with your “inner goddess” so that you exude the same confidence and power in your life as you will in the class.



A lovely opportunity to explore your feminine side, however hard you are trying to hide it!! What makes this class even better? Doing so while performing aerobic exercise and – why not – learning new, cool and sexy dance moves from our wonderful, leading lady, Katerina!

– Kyriaki, Scientific Researcher


Katerina has created this awesome, supportive community that brings amazing women together. It’s a place where we can express our sensuality and get fit. This supportive group is also a place where we can learn more about ourselves through dance. I love meeting and connecting with all the amazing women who come to these classes!

-Le, Web Producer


Every time I take a Goddess class, I feel like a renewed sexy confident woman. I am reminded internally and externally that it is okay to be sexy. Women should know what it is to feel sexy and comfortable in their own body.  Katerina Gagkas delivers a message of empowerment to women perfectly through positive energy and style of movement.   I’m not only taking a dance class!

-Lizelle, Teacher


Greek Goddess Dance is honestly the only exercise class I’ve ever Loved!  It’s fun, it’s feminine and it’s fierce.  The way Katerina embraces her inner goddess makes us all want to find and embrace ours too.

-Rachel, Educator and Public Speaker


Katerina’s Dance class is not just for women. Her infectious brand of self-empowerment and self-love crosses the gender line, filling your spirit with hope and the promise of a new day. Don’t miss it!

-Jonathon, Filmmaker


Katerina’s Goddess Dance Class is amazing! It’s a perfect combination of sweat, laughter, and sexiness all in one class. The first time I went I was nervous about not knowing how to dance or not being “sexy enough” but Katerina made it so fun and flirty I quickly forgot about my nerves and just had a blast! Not to mention I learned a sexy little dance routine that I couldn’t wait to show my boyfriend once I got home! 😉 

-Enid, Charity worker


Who knew that a dance class can be more than ….. dance. I am inspired every time I attend. I have reconnected with who I was prior to stress, work, etc. I can be myself, be sexy, fun, and all this amongst a very supportive group of people. Katerina doesn’t stop at teaching you how to dance. She strives to see the best in you as a woman. I can now admit… “I’m sexy and I know it. 

– Eftehea, Actress


additional footage from class HERE


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