Inspired by her Greek heritage, Katerina created Greek Goddess Dance classes in Hollywood. The classes launched on February 16th 2014, and are designed,  not only to give you an uplifting mind-body workout, but to empower you to feel sexybeautiful and connect with your inner Goddess.

These follow-along dance workshops combine meditationGreek Mythology and the hottest dance moves around. Expect to learn high energy Hip-Hop, and Latin grooves combined with the sensuality of Burlesque and Greek dancing to bring out the Goddess in YOU!

“Think Beyonce meets Ancient Greece!” as Katerina likes to describe it. Each class is themed after an Ancient GREEK GODDESS.


Katerina’s hopes and dreams for this class is not only to help you reach your fitness goals and fulfill your desire to dance, but to help you connect with your “inner goddess” so that you exude the same confidence and power in your life as you will in the class.

additional footage from class HERE


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